partee wit the bear

born on a mountaintop in kichijoo-ji
killed a bear when twas only three..

shoe was a-hosting the shadyswamp, an spent a loong time wanderin', lookin for a good bowl on the recommendation o' one o' the natives, the hifumi. alas, shoe failed an settled for a bowl at ajigen kumamatsuri..

on a nice wintry day, the bigass bowl o miso was a welcome sight. ajigen's bowl looks mighty fine, an when youre a lookin at the bowl yer a thinkin, "man, this B is goin DOWN!"

shoe hit it, hard. slocked that B down fastlike. gone in a flash. twas a big bowl, an much like wrasslin bears, shoe was a sweatin' afterwards.. soup box standard, thick n curly noodles, passable chahsew an egg, an the wee onion shavings onna top didnae matter much..

so what to say aboot the B overall? well, it looked good, it filled the shoe up, did what it needed ta, no questions asked..

three blow up dollies for the ajigen kumamatusri

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